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Steps to Recover Lost Favorites Menu

Some of us are more tech savvy than others and those who are not so technologically inclined often times find themselves completely befuddled by the simplest computer hiccup.

Lost Favorites Menu? Oh No

One problem in particular that seems to drive the novice into a panic is the sudden and inexplicable loss of their favorites menu list. After all, they had compiled that favorites list because they felt those bookmarks, links and pages were important. But now, through some act of God—but more likely a miss-click—the whole thing simply disappeared.

Actually Restoring your Lost Favorites Menu is Easy

Fortunately, the situation isn't as dire as it seems. There's a simple way to recover a missing favorites menu list in all the major internet browsers.

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Tips to help get your favorites menu, bookmark toolbar or list back ... Favorites folder is gone? My Favorites Toolbar Disappeared? My favorites list is missing?

Steps to Recover lost Favorites Menu Bookmarks bar This article covers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari