Recover Lost Favorites Menu With This Easy-To-Follow Guide

Recovering Lost Favorites Menu

We’ve had a lot of requests for a simple and straight forward guide to bringing back a Lost Favourites menu, so here it is.. please read on and choose the paragraph with your browser. 

Probably you cannot remember what really happened the last time. All you know is when you clicked on the Favourites button in your browser’s toolbar, everything was gone; all you favourites were missing.

Don’t let this get you down though; there are very simple steps you could follow to help restore your favourites regardless of what browser you are using or its version. Read ahead to understand how to find and recover your lost favourites list; bookmarks, menu, folders, you name them.

Finding Your Favorites Folder in Internet Explorer

While you interact with your favourites tool in internet explorer, they are kept somewhere in a folder on your computer that defaults to every user’s ‘User Folder’ on their accounts.
In Windows XP, you could use Windows Explorer to search and locate the folder (if you don’t know where it is), 
• Click on the ‘Start’ button then click the ‘Search’ button
• Next, type in the word ‘Favourites’ on the search box
• Press ‘Enter.’
• Your computer will now be scanned to find your ‘Favourites’ folder
• Once this is done, it will immediately display it together with its location path.

Mozilla Firefox Favourites Folder 

Firefox stores all your favourite information in a ‘Profile’ folder. To locate and view this folder 
• Click on the ‘Menu’ button on your browser
• Click the ‘Help’ button then select ‘Troubleshooting Information’ to open this tab
• On the ‘Application Basics’ section, click the ‘Show Folder’ button
• This will open a window containing all the files you want.
You could also opt to open this folder without using Firefox by,
• First click the ‘Start’ button on Windows
• Select the ‘Run’ option
• Type in the box %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles then click the ‘Ok’ button once you are done.
• You will be able to find your folder.

Finding Google Chrome’s Favorites Folder

Chrome ensures the security of your personal settings by placing them in a folder that you can only view when you are logged into your Windows user account. Additionally, these files may be set to be hidden so that no one has access to them.
To find them, go to; C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\UserData\ where the ‘UserName’ is the name of your user account.

Favorites Folder Location Path in Windows 7

By default, this folder can be found on this location path; C:\Users\UserName\Favourites to find it;
• right click ‘Start’ then select ‘Open Windows Explorer.’
• scroll your way down to your hard drive 
• expand this section then look for ‘Users.’
• look for your username in the list provided after expanding the ‘Users’ section as well
• click on your username then double-click on ‘Favourites.’
• The contents of this folder will be displayed. This is your ‘Favourites’ folder

If you realise that your ‘Favourites’ folder is still missing after following the above procedure in Windows 7,
• Click the start menu button and select ‘Search.’
• Type in the search boxes the word ‘Favourites.’
• Windows will search for it and display it to you
• To go to the folder, simply double-click on the link
• To change it back to its default location, click on ‘Organize’ then select ‘Properties.’ 
• Now, click the ‘Location’ button then select ‘Restore Default.’

Lost Your Favorites Lists? Steps on How to Recover It

While checking your favorites list, you may notice that it is missing, yet you can’t remember how it got lost. Unfortunately, you also don’t know what step to take next to find it. Depending on the browser you are using, here are a few steps to follow to find and recover your favourites list

Internet Explorer 8; Recovering Your Favorites List

Apparently, you could have lost your internet explore eight favourites lists because you logged in as another user by mistake. In this case, the only way you could recover your favourites is by logging off and log back in with your username.

However, if you still fail to find your favourites lists, consider this; 
• Point to ‘Find’ on the start menu then selects ‘Files and Folders’. 
• Type ‘Favourites’ in the box then click the ‘Find Now’ button

You may find the folder but the favourites are still missing. If this is the case;
• Click on the start button then goes to my computer.
• Now, open the C:/ Drive and click on ‘Open Users.’
• Choose the account you usually use to log into your computer.
• Right click on the ‘Favourites’ icon
• Finally, click on the ‘Restore Previous Versions’ button
• Go back to your browser and check if your entire favourites list has been restored.

Recovering Lost Favorite Bookmarks

It doesn’t matter which browser you use; you can always be able to find and recover your favourite bookmarks when you have lost them.

How to Find and Recover Lost Favorites Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Fortunately, Google Chrome stores ‘My Favourites List’ on your computer. Before taking any other step, be sure to check whether the file, unfortunately, ended up in the Recycle Bin, right-click it then click on ‘Restore’. Aside from storing your favourites list locally, Chrome also stores a backup file of Bookmarks under the name ‘bookmarks.bak’.

To be able to view these and find them, ensure Windows Explorer is set to ‘Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives’.

To recover bookmarks in Google Chrome, a good suggestion is to recover the folder they live in. This version of Chrome currently stores bookmarks in the ‘User Data’ folder found in C:\Users\<Windows Userid>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\.
• From windows explorer, go to the ‘User Data’ folder
• Right-click on the folder to get the properties
• Select the ‘Previous Versions’ tab to find a list of all the available backups.
• Highlight the folder backup you want then click the ‘Restore’ button
• A message will promptly appear letting you know the process was successful; ‘The Folder Has been Successfully restored To the Previous Version’.

Finding Lost Favorites Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox 3

• From the bookmarks menu on your browser, click on the ‘Organize Bookmarks’ to open the library window
• Choose the ‘Import and Backup’ menu then click on the ‘Restore’ Button.
• Luckily enough, Firefox regularly performs an automatic bookmark backup. Be sure to choose the most recent backup date to restore your favourites.

Opera’s Recovery Option for Favorites Bookmarks 

• Begin by going to C:\Users\*\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera
• Check for .tmp files having the recent ‘Modified’ date
• Next, copy and pate the file to your desktop
• Proceed to rename it to an .adr file
• Now open Opera then click the menu
• Go to the ‘Settings’ button and click on ‘Import and Export’ then ‘Import Opera Bookmarks’.
• A dialogue box will appear informing you that the import was successful.

Lost Favorite Bookmarks in Internet Explorer 8; Recovering Them

It’s easy to find and restore your lost favourite bookmarks especially if you have a backup copy.
• Click the ‘Add to Favourites’ button on Internet Explorer
• From the drop-down menu, click on ‘Import and Export.’ 
• Choose the option that allows you to import favourites from a file
• Import it to the ‘bookmark.htm’ file usually found in ‘My Documents’.

Is Your Favourites Menu Lost?

Lost favourites menu are quite common issues on browsers and this, just as other lost favourites lists, could leave you feeling aggravated. Cases of lost favourites menu may be due to some reasons. Don’t feel bad anyway because there are ways you could recover it.
Finding Your Lost Favourites Menu in Internet Explorer

Often, unintentionally you may click on the toolbar area and this may be the reason your favourites menu keeps getting lost. 
• Along the top of your Windows Explorer, Right-click the tab bar on a blank area.
• This will promptly show you a context menu that has options to enable or disable different toolbars.
• Click on the favourites menu to enable it

When this persists, at times the only option could be to reset your Internet Explorer to default so as to restore your lost favourites menu. To do this,

  • Choose the gear icon then click on ‘Internet Options.’
  • Select the ‘Advanced’ button and click on it
  • Click the button ‘Reset Internet Explorer’ to restore it to its default settings.

Can You Now Find And Recover Your Favorites List?

As much as there are other open available options of finding and restoring your missing favourites, noted above are simple step by step procedure on various browsers that you use. This means that there are other browsers not represented.

When you lose favourites lists; this can be the most frustrating time for you. You probably don’t know what to do next. Fortunately, may turn out to be a very simple procedure if you keenly follow the above steps. Remember that before following these steps first ensure you check your Recycle Bin to confirm if it was accidently deleted. Hope these help. All the best.

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