What Happened To My Favorites Button?

In a number of browsers there have been some changes to the formatting of the browser. Some have noticed that the favorites button that they are normally able to use to access the apps or extensions that they enjoy using best, is gone. This button is generally located in the favorites toolbar at the top of your browser screen, however it may have disappeared in the process of different updates from the browser that you use. It may also disappear as a result of changes that you have made (whether intentionally or unintentionally).

If you want to bring the favorites tool back that has previously been on your toolbar (or even if you want to load a new tool that you haven’t had before) you will need to access the toolbar on your browser, which means opening up your browser.

  • Go to the toolbar and click on the More button at the end
  • Look for the tool that you want to add and right-click on it
  • One of your options is going to be ‘Pin Button.’ At this point you’ll be able to add the button to the toolbar
  • If you want to load all of the buttons onto your toolbar you’ll have this option as well
  • Right-click on the toolbar and you’ll have an option to ‘Pin All Buttons.’

    When it comes to looking for your favorites button however, you may be faced with more difficulty because the button may not show up at all if you’re searching for it in the tools section. If you need to find a button or tool that is not showing up the process is going to be slightly different.


  1. Go to the end of the toolbar and click on the button that looks like a wrench
  2. You’ll see a list of tools that are slightly different from the ones that show up in the normal toolbar selection space
  3. Look through the tools in this section to find the one that you want to pin to your toolbar
  4. You need to look at different tabs to find the right category for the tool that you’re looking for first
  5. Once you find the right tab you’ll be able to search through and find the specific tool. If you’re not completely sure about your tools you may need to check a couple different tabs
  6. Once you find the right tool simply check the box next to it
    This is not going to add the tool to your toolbar. Instead it’s only going to add the tool to the More page of your toolbar.
  7. Now follow the steps that we outlined above to help you find the right tools in your More section in the toolbar

    If you are looking for a favorites button in a different browser it may be a slightly different process. Fortunately for you, there are actually a lot of similarities in this process no matter which browser you use. You will want to search through the tools that are capable of being added to your traditional toolbar and you will, most likely, be able to find the button that you’re looking for. Use this method to find any other buttons that you may want on your front toolbar as well.


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